Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Coconut and copra price to remain stable, says TNAU

The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has forecast the price of coconut during December-January to be around Rs. 16 a nut and that of copra between Rs. 75 and Rs. 82 a kg.
The forecast has been made based on the study of coconut at Pollachi market and copra at Avalpoondurai and other markets in Coimbatore and Erode.
Price of coconut will be lower in other markets compared to Pollachi, which always leads because of its superior quality nuts.
Kerala and Tamil Nadu markets are facing acute shortage of copra due to lesser arrivals from neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Copra price rose to Rs. 83 a kg in Kerala and Rs. 80 in Tamil Nadu.
Production of coconut is expected to be less this season and as a result, prices are likely to show an upward trend.
At present, it is Rs. 24,000 a tonne in Pollachi market, i.e., approximately Rs. 15 a nut (nut weighing 700 gm) and price for average size weighing 400 – 500 gm is Rs. 12 – Rs. 13 a nut.


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