Thursday, 19 February 2015

Modi launches Soil Health Card scheme, says agriculture key to poverty eradication

Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving a Soil Health Card to a farmer at the launch of a new Central Government scheme in this regard at Suratgarh in Rajasthan on February 19, 2015.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving a Soil Health Card to a farmer at the launch of a new Central Government scheme in this regard at Suratgarh in Rajasthan on February 19, 2015.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for increased attention to the health of soil in agricultural areas of the country to boost productivit and bring about increased prosperity.
Launching the Union Government`s nationwide Soil Health Card Scheme from Suratgarh in Rajasthan, he said agriculture was the key to poverty eradication in the country.
Mr Modi said the new scheme was a step towards nurturing the country's soil in a better manner.
Calling for soil testing to be made a regular feature, the Prime Minister said a new class of entrepreneurs could set up soil testing laboratories even in small towns. 
He this and other schemes such as those for girl children were relevant across the country.
Mr Modi also spoke of the importance of conserving water and using it judiciously without any wastage. 
He said he had urged each state to come up with agriculture plans under the aegis of the NITI Aayog. 
As many as 14 crore Soil Health Cards are envisaged to be issued over the next three years under the new scheme


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