Foxtail millet is considered a warm food. ( It is called as Italian Millet in English, Kaon in Bengali, in Gujarati it is known as Kang, in Hindi it is called Kakum, in Kannada it is Navane in Marathi it is again known as Kang or Rala, in Oriya it is Kanghu, Kangam, Kora, in Punjabi it is Kangni, in Tamil it is Tenai and in Telugu it is called Korra .) The grain offers a wide range of nutritional advantages over other foods, especially rice.  It has the highest percentage of protein, minerals and vitamins among all foods. Compared to rice, this millet contains five times more vitamin B1 and four times more vitamin B2. Calcium content is 60 per cent more and has good iron content. 
It is also rich in fibre.Pearl millet
(English : Spiked Millet/ Pearl Millet, Bengali : Bajra,  Gujarati : Bajri, Hindi : Bajra,  Kannada : Sajje,  Marathi : Bajri,  Oriya : Bajra,  Punjabi : Bajra,  Tamil : Kambu,  Telugu : Sajja.)
It is a good source of dietary fibre and phytochemicals and is recommended for diabetic foods. Pearl millet roti recorded the lowest glycemic response in diabetic volunteers.
Considered a cool crop and known for its delicious rotis, it is also considered a great source of nutrition.  At 361 of energy per 100 grams, it tops the list of energy-giving grains.  It has 132 mg of carotene per 100 gms. Rice contains 0 carotene. 
Carotene is the most sought after micro nutrient. Pearl Millet offers this vital vitamin at no additional cost.
It is rich in protein and helps to build cells, body fluids, antibodies and other parts of the immune system. It is also rich in iron, which is an essential element for formation of haemoglobin of red cells of blood.
Good source of fibre. The dietary fibre is essential to retain water content in the body. Helps in digestion and reduces constipation. It also reduces incidence of coronary heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity. Offers high energy, keeps you active.
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Bengal gram flour: 250 gms.
Foxtain millet flour: 500 grams
Cumin Seeds : 10 gms
Chilli power : 25 gms
Sesame : 25 gms
Oil : 500 ml
Salt to taste
Preparation Method:
Seive both the flours together.  Add cumin seed salt, chilli power, Sesame seeds and mix well.  Heat 50 ml oil and pour the hot oil into this mixture. Mix well with a spoon.  Make into stiff dough using hot water. Make murukku by suing murukku maker.  Heat 500 ml of oil in a pan and deep fry murukku until they turn brown.
Pearl millet rice:
Pearl millet - 1/2 cup (use broken (Pearl Millet)
Water 2 cups.
Note: Sprinkle little water over pearl millet and leave it for 15 minutes. Then grind it in a mixer to make it coarse.
Preparation method:
Rinse the Pearl millet well.  Boil 2 cups of water in a thick bottomed vessel when it starts to boil and Pearl millet. Let it boil and cook. Cover and cook in low medium flam. Stir in between to prevent it sticking to the bottom. At one stage the millet will become soft absorbing all the water. Serve with raw onion or pickle of your choice or with any side dish or butter milk of your choice.

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