Green Movement, formed by various organisations, has urged the government to stop dumping of unproductive soil with alkaline content from the neighbouring Tirunelveli for commercial purposes to save fertile wetlands in Kanyakumari district.
Addressing a rally here on Sunday, its convenor R.S. Lal Mohan said the soil high in alkaline content was being dumped in some villages under Vadaseri and Putheri panchayats in Agasteeswaram taluk. Dumping of unproductive soil in fertile lands was being done mostly during night hours with the knowledge of the officials and village panchayat members, he alleged. The samples taken in a wetland where unproductive soil had been dumped showed that alkaline content was Ph 8.8 with very less potassium (35.5), phosphorous (1.11) and nitrogen (9.3) with high carbonate. He said the practice posed a serious ecological threat. It would spoil the quality of drinking water sources in the district.
“The alkaline water will seep into the groundwater during the rainy season. Intake of alkaline hard water can cause many diseases in humans like formation of kidney stone,” he added.
The rally began near Anna Statue in Vadaseri and ended near Putheri ROB.