Monday, 27 April 2015

Kerala University to promote innovation in fisheries, ocean resources, agri-business and rural industries

 In collaboration with KITCO, KUFOS will launch a Centre for Advanced Training in Entrepreneurship Development at the varsity during this month end, a KUFOS press release said. The centre will support start-ups and promote innovations in fisheries, ocean resources, agri-business and rural industries. A project action plan was finalised at a meeting at the University between a team of KUFOS, headed by Vice-Chancellor Prof. B Madhusoodana Kurup and delegates of KITCO Ltd. As per the plan, KUFOS will provide technologies and infrastructure to KITCO to start the centre, which will focus on KUFOS students at the initial stage. The centre will serve as single window for disseminating relevant information, technological support and training to the stakeholders. The varsity’s existing facilities and its regional centres will be upgraded to serve in establishing start up villages for effective implementation of viable projects incubated in the centre. The centre will support students to involve actively in enhancing aquaculture production and to become real entrepreneurs, help them formulate innovative ideas in value addition, seed production, aquaculture activities, food processing, fish feed formulation and consultancy services. Vice Chancellor Prof B Madhusoodana Kurup said the objective of this centre was to develop entrepreneurship skills among the students and other stakeholders in fisheries and allied sectors by providing direct and virtual incubation, protection and management of intellectual assets. “The centre will promote students to become job providers rather than wasting time for job seeking. At the initial stage, the centre will focus on KUFOS students, but later it will consider small industries and other stakeholders in fisheries and allied sectors,” he said. Cyriac David, Managing Director of KITCO, said it would help the University develop a model centre by introducing up-to-date entrepreneurship programmes and facilities that may attract the new generation. “KITCO will provide mentoring programmes to KUFOS faculty and students ahead of the launch on how to utilise facilities. Department-wise training also will be given to the students to develop soft skills and additional skills,” he said. The centre will also have facilities to test vegetables and food products. “It will also focus on formulating fish feed. The locally manufactured feed will lead to a substantial reduction in the prices, helping farmers to manage the culture with low budget,” the Vice Chancellor said. 
Source : PTI 
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