The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has said that the present price of Rs. 35 a kg for sunflower is expected to remain the same during March-April 2014, which is the harvest season.
The forecast was made based on the last year price during the harvest season, which was between Rs. 33 and Rs. 36 a kg.
This was analysed based on the price that prevailed at Vellakoil Regulated Market for the past 13 years.
In Tamil Nadu, sunflower seed production was around 41,711 tonnes from an area of 13,610 hectares during 2011-12.
Karur, Tiruchi, Dindigul, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar and Dharmapuri districts contribute to about 80 per cent of area and 49 per cent of the total sunflower production in the State.