After pre-monsoon showers, both the farmers and the Agriculture Department is ready for the Kharif sowing.
According to sources, the Kharif showing normally starts from second weak of May but due to the delay in monsoon, the sowing is expected to commence from last weak of this month.
“The district has received scattered rains, but full rain is expected within a weak which would enable the farmers to take up sowing operations extensively”, said an official.
Meanwhile, the farmers have already prepared lands for cultivation, and only waiting for the rains. The official said that the Department this year has set the targeted sowing area of 4.32 lakh hectare for Kharif in Vijayapura.
Of the total targeted area, Toor has highest share with 1.83 lakh hectare which is close to fifty per cent of the total targeted showing area for Kharif season.
“Though over the years, Toor cultivation has been constantly increasing, however now, it apparently has reached the saturation limit. At the most, this year, the Toor would be cultivated in a maximum of 2 lakh hectare,” the official said.
The reason for the increasing attraction for Toor is believed to be higher revenue within a short-period. “The market price for Toor has been encouraging for the farmers, moreover, several pest-resistant varieties have also been developed by the Universities, which are helpful for the farmers”, the officials said.
The other crops are: Bajra (millet) which is targeted to be sown in 77,500 hectares, Groundnut in 24,500 hectare, sunflower in 21,000 hectare, Cotton 10,500 hectares and Green gram in 14,500 hectares.
The officials informed that the Department has already procured and stored adequate quantity of fertilizers and seeds.
“There is no shortage of seeds and fertilizers. The only things required now is a good spell of rain.”