Wednesday, 28 January 2015

‘Global warming needs a radical approach’

Maj. Gen. Sudhir G. Vombatkere (retd.), a social activist, felt that a radical problem like global warming needs a radical approach as the core of the problem is not being given a serious thought.
Speaking at the stakeholders’ consultation meet, Mr. Vombatkere argued that the plan being worked out for addressing the effects of climate change was “faulty” as the main focus of the strategies should be on factors contributing to climate change and not on development.
“High economic growth leads to high consumption of fuel which emits greenhouse gases. That is, more fuel consumption results in more global warming.”
Instead of bringing effective strategies on tackling the effects of climate change, the leaders of the world are busy in blame-game over carbon emissions. “We have to plan now for our future generations so that the consequences are largely eased since global warming is a slow process and its effects cannot be seen. The world leaders must lead the way in the right direction on the issue,” he opined.
Farm policies need modification, promotion of food crops and organic farming, efficiency in water use before rivers become seasonal instead of perennial, he suggested.
Chandra Prakash, president, Mysore Grahakara Parishat, stressed on encouraging public transport and expressed concern over the tremendous rise in private transport.


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