Of these, 13 projects were for processing and product diversification, while one for market promotion and the remaining were research projects.
Under the sub component ‘Processing and Product Diversification’, 6 projects are for desiccated coconut powder unit for processing 2 lakh nuts per day, one virgin coconut oil unit for processing 15,000 nuts per day, 2 tender coconut water preservation and packaging units with a capacity to process 30,000 tender coconuts per day, 2 coconut shell charcoal manufacturing units, one shell powder unit, ball copra unit etc and one market promotional programme for establishment of 70 integrated coconut points.
The 45th meeting of the PAC on Technology Mission on Coconut was held under the chairmanship of T.K.Jose, Chairman, Coconut Development Board.
In Kerala, a virgin coconut oil processing unit with a capacity to process 15,000 nuts per day was sanctioned. In Karnataka, a tender coconut water processing unit, desiccated coconut powder processing unit, coconut shell charcoal units were sanctioned.
In Tamil Nadu, two desiccated coconut powder units, one tender coconut water unit, a coconut shell powder unit were sanctioned.
In Andhra Pradesh, a ball copra unit, while in Maharashtra, a desiccated coconut powder unit was sanctioned.
Source : the Hindu Business line