‘This will help eliminate middlemen and ensure better rates to suppliers’

The Government Cocoon Market in Ramanagaram, the second-largest cocoon market in Asia, is launching the facility of online trading system for sale of cocoons on its premises from Wednesday.
Better rates
“In order to help cocoon suppliers get better rates and also to eliminate the menace of middlemen, the market is introducing an e-tendering system,” K.T. Venkatesh, in-charge Deputy Director, Cocoon Market, told The Hindu .
Trading counter
The market on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway has established a full-fledged online trading counter and installed televisions screens and computers for the purpose. Prabhakar, Joint Director for the Department of Sericulture, would be present during the launch of the online trading system.
20,000 farmers
The taluk has at least 20,000 sericulture farmers who supply at least 30 tonnes of cocoons to the Ramanagaram market every day.
“We have been providing preliminary training to market personnel and educating the farmers about the benefits of the online trading system,” Mr. Venkatesh said.
According to the officer, the price of cross breed (CB) variety silk cocoon was between Rs. 190 and 301 per kg on Tuesday. The price of Bivoltine breed was Rs. 200-340 per kg.

Source: BusinessLine